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SC-33 Art Deco Plaster Sculpture

Claude Fraisse – ‘Enfant a la grappe de raisin.’ Plaster sculpture. France.

P-39 Beautiful Grand Tour Oil Painting

Beautiful Grand Tour oil on canvas with carved giltwood frame after an old master. Italy.

SC-61 Beautiful Pair of Statuary Marble Belle Epoque Statues

Important pair of white statuary marble sculptures representing motherhood, one sculpture depicting a mother with sleeping child, the other depicting him awake. This pair of ...

SC-28 Brass Flame Sculpture by Curtis Jere

Beautiful abstract brass flame sculpture by Curtis Jere. Curtis Jere was a collaboration between Curtis Freiler and Jerry Fels. Mounted on black stone base and ...

SC-08 Bronze Figure of a Male Torso

Bronze figure of a male torso. German (Munich), foundry: Priesmann Bauer & Co. Deaccessioned from the Bavarian Art Museum Germany.

SC-06 Bronze Pegu Statue

Cast bronze ornamental statue depicting a Grandmother a baby and a cat, on palm wood base. Signed "Mg Sanpe Pegu." These statues were widely collected ...

SC-47 Bronze Sculpture by Antonio Kieff Sold

Abstract mid-century polished brass sculpture by Antonio Kieff (b. 1936). Signed "Kieff 1/6." Title: Il Grande Bacci. Canada.

SC-42 Bronze Sculpture by Kieff Sold

Bronze sculpture "Cante Jondo" mounted on granite base by Kieff (Antonio Grediagia, born 1936).Signed: "Kieff 3/6" Canada.

SC-43 Bronze Sculpture "La Rue" by Raphael Scorbiac Sold

Patinated bronze sculpture "La Rue" by Raphael Scorbiac (b. 1971). Signed "Scorbiac 2006."Scorbiac is a French sculpter and artist. France.

SC-32 Bronze Sculpture Representing a Kneeling Woman

Bronze sculpture representing a kneeling woman melted in Montreal by foundry "Fonderie d'Art Vandevoorde". Canada.