Paintings  ·  Sculptures

SC-31 Dark Smoky Murano Glass Sculpture by Pino Signoretto

Dark smoky glass Murano sculpture "Lovers" by Pino Signoretto. Italy 1984.

SC-54 Daum Pate De Verre Sculpture by Andre Deuol

Daum Pate de Verre sculpture representing a nude maiden, by Andre Deluol. Signed "Daum France A. Deluol."Andre Deluol 1909-2003His works appear at the Musée d'art ...

P-02 "Dorade Bleue" Painting by Raymond Guerrier

Intriguing still life oil on canvas "Dorade Bleue" by French artist Raymond Guerrier signed Guerrier at the bottom left. France: circa 1970

SC-25 Elegant Bronze "The Awakening" by Paul Philippe

Elegant bronze "The Awakening". Resting on a beige onyx base by Paul Philippe. France.

SC-11 French Horn in Resin Sculpture by Arman

Fractured cast bronze French Horn, encased in resin, by Arman. Mounted on original polished bronze base. Signed "Arman." The dimensions are without the base.

SC-38 "Fusion" Bronze Patinated Sculpture by Augusto Escobedo

"Fusion" bronze patinated sculpture by Augusto Escobedoa beautiful patinated bronze sculpture: "Fusion" by Augusto Escobedo. Mexican artist active since 1953, he devoted himself mainly to ...

P-08 Giovanni Fattori Style Painting

Beautiful beach scene panting, oil on canvas. After Giovanni Fattori. Italy.

P-06 Gouache of the Bay of Naples

Gouache on paper depicting the bay of Naples with Mount Vesuvius behind. Framed in period oval gilt frame. Italy.

SC-12 Green and Fluorescent Lucite Sculpture Par Roz Stroll

Green and yellow fluorescent hard edged Minimalist Lucite sculpture by Roz Stroll. Signed "Stoll 1974." .

SC-65 Haitian Metal Wall Sculpture

Haitian artisanal cut steel wall sculpture, made from oil drum. "N. Claude 74" .