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SC-18 Polished Bronze Abstract Sculpture of a Woman

Polished bronze abstract sculpture of a kneeling woman. Signed: L S 1. Canada. circa 1975.

SC-19 Polished Bronze Abstract Sculpture of Two Woman

Polished bronze abstract sculpture of two woman on a rectangular double marble base signed: L S 4. Canada.

SC-04 Polished Bronze Sculpture by Kieff

Abstract polished bronze sculpture resting on a granite base by Kieff ( born Antonio Grediagia 1936), Signed "Kieff”, 9/9. .

SC-14 Polychrome Glazed Ceramic Sculpture by Charles Sucsan

Polychrome glazed ceramic wall sculpture by Charles Sucsan. Sucsan was born in France to Hungarian parents. He studied art in Paria before moving to Montreal ...

SC-02 Rare Glass Murano Sculpture of a Dove by Flavio Poli

Rare glass Murano multicolored dove by Flavio Poli, bearing the Murano sticker. Italy: circa 1960.

SC-24 Rare Pair of Qajar Period Persian Sculptural Steel Pigeons Sold

Rare pair of Persian damascened sculptural steel pigeon from Qajar period modelled perching on a Stand with three feet, the details and feathers naturalistically defined. ...

SC-15 Rare Polished Brass Sculpture by Robert J Mitchell

Elegant and stylish Modernist polished brass sculpture by Robert J. Mitchell (b.1930). Signed: R J Mitchell 1/10. United Kingdom.

SC-59 Resin Ammonite Sculpture

Resin sculpture representing an Ammonite fossil on a lacquered wood base. United States.

SC-03 Sculpture of a Woman Dressing

sculpture of a woman dressing. Property: from the collection of Muriel Karasik. 20th century.

P-46 Set of 16 Meiji Prints

Whimsical set of 16 Meiji era Japanese woodblock prints. Potentially available in blocks of four. Japon