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OA-74 Sculptural French Pewter Centerpiece

Beautiful sculptural French pewter centerpiece , the central bowl supported by three stylised horses. France.

NW-33 Sculptural Italian Ceramic Planter

Great Italian sculptural "mustard" color glazed ceramic planter. Italy.

OA-70 Sculpture of Murano Parrots

Beautiful green Murano glass sculpture with gold speckle of two parrots resting on a branch. Italy, circa 1960.

L-74 Set of Eight Murano Glass Sconces

Set of 8 light lavender Murano glass sconces with silver-leaf inclusions set in polished brass mounts. Bearing Murano label. Italy.

L-107 Set of Four André Arbus Glass Plume Sconces by Veronese Sold

Elegant set of four bronze and blown glass wall sconces in the form of palm fronds, by Veronese for Andre Arbus. France.

OA-36 Set of Three Murano Glass Cone-Shaped Decorations by Cenedese

Set of three large cone shaped Murano glass decorations by Gino Cenedese. Murano, Italy 1960

NW-49 Set of Three of "Filigrana" Bottles by Venini

Set of two decanter and one bottle “Filigrana” by Venini Murano. Italy: circa 1950. Dimensions are of the tallest piece

NW-44 Set of Three of "Filigrana" Bottles by Venini

Set of three of Filigrana bottles with two decanters by Venini Italy: circa 1950 Tallest 15 by 3.5

OA-10 Signed Wool Tapestry After Picasso

Wool pile tapestry "Volutes" after Pablo Picasso (1881-1973), signed. Woven in India. From an edition of 40. It became very popular during the 20th century ...

OA-102 Small Clear Amber and Green Sommerso Murano Glass Vase

Small clear, amber and green Sommerso Murano glass vase. Italy.