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OA-11 Vase by Tapio Wirkkala

White and clear overlay glass vase by Tapio Wirkkala. Etched signature on bottom "Tapio Wirkkala 3031." Original seal "made in Finland." Finland.

L-75 Vibrant Asian Style Yellow Ceramic Table Lamp

Vibrant Asian style yellow glazed ceramic table lamp on a wood stand. United States: circa 1950.

OA-151 Vibrant Blue Glass Vase By Vickie Lindstrand

Vibrant blue glass swedish vase by Vicke Lindstrand for Kosta Signed Kosta LH. Sweden.

SC-34 Vibrant blue glazed ceramic wall sculpture by Charles Sucsan Sold

Vibrant blue glazed ceramic wall sculpture by Charles Sucsan. Canada.

NW-11 Vibrant Green Pate de Verre Bowl by Daum Sold

Vibrant green translucent bowl in pâte de verre by Daum. Signed. France.

NW-22 Vibrant Red Murano Glass Vase

Elongated shaped Italian red Murano blow glass vase inset with gold leaf inclusions. Italy

NW-29 Vibrant Yellow and Clear Glass Vase by Venini

Great yellow and clear "spiderweb" design vase by Venini, acid etched signature: Venini Murano Italia. Italy circa: 1960.

NW-27 Vintage Amber Glass USSR Vase

Vintage amber glass USSR vase bearing the sticker: "Made in USSR". Latvia.

OA-23 Vintage Schooner Model Sail Boat "Patsy-Ann"

Beautiful vintage schooner scale model sail boat, built 1" to 1' by Donald Miller, 183 Oxford street winnipeg, Canada. Accompanied with owner's document. Canada: circa ...

OA-165 West German Ceramic Vase

Large orange glazed ceramic vase with lava textured design and cobalt blue interior glazing. Marked on bottom : W Germany, numbered 553-52 Germany.