P-01 Red Glazed Ceramic Plaque in the Style of Marcello Fantoni

Red glazed ceramic Italian plaque of a woman on a horse in the style of Marcello Fantoni.

P-02 "Dorade Bleue" Painting by Raymond Guerrier

Intriguing still life oil on canvas "Dorade Bleue" by French artist Raymond Guerrier signed Guerrier at the bottom left. France: circa 1970

P-03 Rare Pair of Russian Avant Garde Collage by Mikhael Menkov

Rare pair of Russian Avant Garde collage by Mikhael Menkov Signed M.M. 21 Mienkov was born in Vilnus in 1885 Died in Crimea in 1926. ...

P-04 Pair of French Anatomical French Engravings

Pair of anatomical French engravings depicting a skeleton and the front and back of the skull. France: circa: 1880

P-05 Studies of Angels by Antoine Victor Leopold

Durangel, Antoine Victor Leopold, Durand. (1828 - 1891), French school. Studied at the salon in Paris form 1859. His work can be seen at Bayonne ...

P-06 Red Lacquered Japanesque Panel by Bernard Dunand

Polished red lacquered rectangular panel in the Japanesque style by Bernard Dunand. Signed Andre Dambrun which was an acronym for Bernand Dunand. France: circa 1960

P-07 Colourful Abstract Oil on Canvas, "On the Beach" by Claude Venard Sold

Venard is represented in numerous major public collections including at Tate Modern; Musee National d'Art Moderne, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris; Whitney Museum, New York; and ...

P-08 Giovanni Fattori Style Painting

Beautiful beach scene panting, oil on canvas. After Giovanni Fattori. Italy.

P-09 "Mr Cardy Jumping" by Oscar De Lall

'Mr. Cardy Jumping' by Oscar De Lall R.C.A. (1903 - 1971). Signed bottom right.

P-10 Stunning Portrait of a Man by Shui-Bo Wang

Stunning charcoal portrait of a man by Shui-Bo Wang Born in China on September 11th, 1960, Wang Shui-bo studied visual arts at the Central Academy ...