P-01 Italian Landscape

Late 17th century Italian Landscape.

P-02 "Dorade Bleue" Painting by Raymond Guerrier

Intriguing still life oil on canvas "Dorade Bleue" by French artist Raymond Guerrier signed Guerrier at the bottom left. France: circa 1970

P-03 Italian School Still Life Hold

Italian School, Naples, mid 17th century still life with flowers & fruits, "huile sur toile"

P-04 Pair of French Anatomical French Engravings

Pair of anatomical French engravings depicting a skeleton and the front and back of the skull. France: circa: 1880

P-05 Studies of Angels by Antoine Victor Leopold

Durangel, Antoine Victor Leopold, Durand. (1828 - 1891), French school. Studied at the salon in Paris form 1859. His work can be seen at Bayonne ...

P-06 Red Lacquered Japanesque Panel by Bernard Dunand

Polished red lacquered rectangular panel in the Japanesque style by Bernard Dunand. Signed Andre Dambrun which was an acronym for Bernand Dunand. France: circa 1960

P-07 Colourful Abstract Oil on Canvas, "On the Beach" by Claude Venard Sold

Venard is represented in numerous major public collections including at Tate Modern; Musee National d'Art Moderne, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris; Whitney Museum, New York; and ...

P-08 Giovanni Fattori Style Painting

Beautiful beach scene panting, oil on canvas. After Giovanni Fattori. Italy.

P-09 "Mr Cardy Jumping" by Oscar De Lall

'Mr. Cardy Jumping' by Oscar De Lall R.C.A. (1903 - 1971). Signed bottom right.

P-10 Stunning Portrait of a Man by Shui-Bo Wang

Stunning charcoal portrait of a man by Shui-Bo Wang Born in China on September 11th, 1960, Wang Shui-bo studied visual arts at the Central Academy ...