SC-31 Dark Smoky Murano Glass Sculpture by Pino Signoretto

Dark smoky glass Murano sculpture "Lovers" by Pino Signoretto. Italy 1984.

SC-32 Bronze Sculpture Representing a Kneeling Woman

Bronze sculpture representing a kneeling woman melted in Montreal by foundry "Fonderie d'Art Vandevoorde". Canada.

SC-33 Art Deco Plaster Sculpture

Claude Fraisse – ‘Enfant a la grappe de raisin.’ Plaster sculpture. France.

SC-34 "The "Kiss" Patinated Bronze Sculpture by Augusto Escobedo

Beautiful patinated bronze sculpture: "The Kiss" by Augusto Ortega Escobedo, set on a white granite base. Signed: "Escobedo 64". Mexican artist active since 1953, he ...

SC-35 Large and Unique Resin Wall Sculpture

Large and unique patinated resin wall relief sculpture of vase with flowers on grid background. USA.

SC-36 Iron lamp sculpture Signed YS

Artist: Yves Simon - French artist France.

SC-37 Abstract Patinated Bronze Sculpture by B. Fast Sold

Abstract green patinated bronze sculpture by B. Fast . Signed: B. Fast 2/7.

SC-38 "Fusion" Bronze Patinated Sculpture by Augusto Escobedo

"Fusion" bronze patinated sculpture by Augusto Escobedoa beautiful patinated bronze sculpture: "Fusion" by Augusto Escobedo. Mexican artist active since 1953, he devoted himself mainly to ...

SC-39 Ceramic Relief by Charles Sucsan.

Ceramic Relief sculpture of a bird by Charles Sucsan. Canada.

SC-40 Abstract Bronze Sculpture by Kieff

Abstract bronze sculpture by Kieff (Antonio Grediagia,born 1936), "Cabeza y mouldura", resting on a granite base. Signed "Kieff, E.A." Original artists proof. Canada.