Abstract Soapstone Sculpture "Queen in a Wink" by Hugh LeRoy

Great abstract modernist stone sculpture by Hugh LeRoy, Signed: Hugh Leroy "Queen in a wink" on brass plaque .Born in Montreal in 1939, Hugh LeRoy studied at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts under Arthur Lismer for five years, and was later elected as a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Academy in 1975 and is a professor emeritus at York University in Toronto, Canada. Most noted for his sculpture, LeRoy working in the constructivist style. His work has been installed in numerous locations across Canada. In 1967 LeRoy was awarded first prize at the Perspectives 67 competition for sculpture. Canada.

Width 12.5 in. in. Height 29 in. in. Depth 10 in. in.
Circa 1970

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