FP-13 Louis XVI Style Carrara Marble Mantle

Beautiful white Carrara marble Louis XVI style marble mantlepiece. Interior dimensions: W 35" H 32.5". France.

FP-14 Regence Style Mantle

Regence style Griotte marble mantleInterior dimensions: W: 38.75" H: 33" France.

FP-15 Louis XIV Style Languedoc Marble Mantle

Louis XIV style red Languedoc marble mantle with chimney piece. Fireplace dimensions: H 29.75" x W 28"

FP-16 Regency Period Bourgogne Stone Mantle

Regence period bourgogne stone mantle. Delicately grained and coloured. Fireplace dimensions: H 33.25" x W 50.5"

FP-17 Louis XIV Style Griotte Marble Mantle

Louis XIV style griotte marble mantle. Fireplace dimensions: H 36.25" x 46"

FP-18 Louis XVI Style Mantle

Louis XVI style mantle Sarrancolin Ilhet marbre with ormolu mounts. Fireplace dimensions: H 33.75" w 38"

FP-19 Regence Marble Mantle

White Carrara marble Regence style mantlepiece.Interior dimensions: W: 37.5" H: 33" France.

FP-20 Painted Wood Fireplace Mantle

White painted wood Neoclassical style fire place mantle. England, circa 1890.

FP-21 Louis XVI Marble Mantle

White Carrara marble Louis XVI style marble mantle.Interior dimensions: W: 40" H: 33.5" France.

FP-24 Louis XVI Marble Mantle

Louis XVI style white Carrara marble mantle. France. Interior dimensions H: 32" W: 33"