FP-27 White and Grey Louis XVI Style Marble Mantle

White and grey Calacata Louis XVI style marble mantle. Interior dimensions: W: 40.25" W: 33.75" France circa 1880

FP-29 Louis XV White Marble Mantle

Louis XV style white carrara marble mantlepiece.Interior dimensions: W: 44.5" H: 33.5" France.

FP-30 Louis XVI Style Bourgogne Marble Mantle

Louis XVI style bourgogne "Brèche Basque" marble mantle. Paris, circa 1860. Fireplace dimensions: H 32" x W 35.5"

FP-36 Louis XVI Marble Mantle

Louis XVI style statuary marble mantlepiece.Interior dimensions: W: 35.5" X H: 33" France.

FP-38 Renaissance Style Oak Mantle

Renaissance style oak mantle. opening dimension: h: 33" w: 46"

FP-39 Louis XVI White Carrara Marble Mantle

Louis XVI style white Carrara marble mantle with gilt bronze mounts.Inner dimensions:H: 32.5" W: 39.5" France.

FP-41 Empire Marble Mantle

White Empire style Carrara marble mantle.Interior dimensions: W: 41" H: 30" France.

FP-42 Louis XIV Style "Fleur de Pêche" Marble Mantle

Rare Louis XVI style "Fleur de Pêche" marble mantle carved with acanthus leaves. Fireplace dimensions: H 39" x W 37"

FP-43 Statuary Marble Mantle

White statuary and Spanish Brocatelle marble mantle.Interior dimensions:W: 40.5" H: 32.75" France.

FP-44 Louis XVI Limestone Mantle

Louis XVI period Limestone Mantle.Interior dimensions: H: 37" W: 51" France.