Cast Stone Sculpture of Nude with Cat by William Zorach

Cast stone Sculpture of Nude with Cat by William Zorach Incised signature near base '©WZ Zorach William Zorach' with publisher's mark. This work is from the edition published by Robinson Galleries, New York. USA circa 1940 Zorach is a classic American success story. He emigrated from Lithuania to the United States as a young child and studied art in New York, and then Paris in the early 1900s. He was regarded as a founder of the early American modernist movement, first as a painter painting in a Fauvist and later a Cubist style. Whatever his success as an oil painter, Bill found that he was more drawn to sculpting and to painting with watercolors. He taught himself to sculpt, not only modeling works but also developing the kind of sculpture style known as direct carving. His work can be found in public installations and in the permanent collections of both preeminent and smaller museums throughout the country.

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Circa 1940