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Rare Desk and Chair by Carlo Bugatti

Rare rare desk and chair by Carlo Bugatti (1856-1940) comprising of a desk and chair all in walnut and ebonized wood, inlaid with pewter, copper, brass and, fitted with hammered copper reliefs and silk tassels, upholstered with vellum. Signed: "Bugatti" on the back vellum of the chair. Dimensions of chair H:34 x W:16 D:18 inches. Italy: circa 1910. Literature: Carlo-Rembrandt-Ettore-Jean Bugatti, Dejean, pg. 88 illustrates similar design. Provenance: The Allen Stone Collection

30 in.
53 in.
19 in.
Very good original condition including silk tassels, aging split to pachement back of chair.

Circa 1910