Rare and Exceptional Mirrored Gilt Glass and Talosel Resin “Soleil à Pointe no 2” Convex Artistic Mirror by Line Vautrin

Rare and exceptional gilt mirrored glass and talosel resin convex artistic mirror by Line Vautrin , “Soleil à Pointe " no 2” . Signed: "Line Vautrin XII". France, circa 1950. Talosel is a resin material invented by Vautrin. It is derived from cellulose acetate. France: circa 1955 Provenance Parisian collection Bibliography : – Line Vautrin, bijoux et objets, L. Vautrin et P. Mauriès, Thames et Hudson, 1992, modèle similaire p.90 – Line Vautrin, Miroirs, catalogue d'exposition, P. Mauriès, Le Promeneur / Galerie Chastel Maréchal, 2004, modèles similaires pp.12, 21, 26, 40 As much artist as designer, Vautrin's prolific output encompassed jewelry, decor items and mirrors. Her works are included in the permanent collection of the musée des arts décoratifs de Paris. Highly sought after and collectible.

9.85 in.
Very good overall condition Some minor elements were recently restored by Karine Rapinat, president of the Comité Line Vautrin and authorized restorer of the artist's works

Circa 1955