Rare Folding Screen "Grattacieli Rinascimentali" by Piero Fornasetti

Rare Trompe l'oeil double-sided folding screen features the Grattacieli rinascimentali motif to one side and the rarer Angolo di spogliatoio motif to the other. hand-painted and lithographic transfer-printed lacquered wood. Reference:Fornasetti: The Complete Universe, Fornasetti et. al, ppg. 426, 430 Piero Fornasetti: One Hundred Years of Practical Madness, Fornasetti et. al, pg. 180 illustrates similar example. Italy: circa 1950

59.5 in. (151.13 cm)
81 in. (205.74 cm)
1 in. (2.54 cm)

Circa 1950